How the 5 foundational movement patterns can get you skiing longer and without pain (and keep you looking good)

The 5 foundational movement patterns: Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat and Lunge

Upper body Pushing and Pulling movements like; Push-ups, Rows, Pull-ups and Overhead Presses increase shoulder stability so when you take a tumble nothing pops out like a Mr. Potato head doll. 

  • Bulletproof shoulders for stability
  • Arms you could take hunting (dem guns)
  • Reduce upper back pain

Hinge movements: You might not have heard about these, but this family of movements contains deadlifts, good mornings and Romanian deadlifts. Which helps you (when done correctly) increase hamstring, hip and lower back strength. Thai will keep your knees and lower back safe when droppen moguls like they’re hot. 

  • Knee stability for ACL protection
  • Get rid of that nagging lower back pain

Squat and Lunge movements: Air squats, back squats, walking lunges, lateral lunges, step-ups, bulgarian split squats are all going to keep you skiing all day long and help those steep slopes not hurt quite so bad. Torching your legs underneath a bar all becomes worth it once you fly past the rest of your family and friends (especially that really cocky one). 

  • Endurance and strength to play all day
  • Agility on the slopes
  • Build some good looking legs that could drop kick that black bear that keeps getting into your trash

Conclusion: Skiing is a total body sport, so to prepare to shred some fresh powder we need to make sure everything is strong, buttoned down and ready to go. So go forth and build strength and have some fun on your favorite mountain. 

If you have questions please feel free to email me! 

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Ian Smith-Owner, Performance Coach


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