13 Spooky tips to keep unwanted weight away during the holidays (without dieting)

The same way you might sage a house or put salt on the windows use these tips to keep the unwanted weight away. During the holiday season Americans gain on average 10 pounds of body fat. We don’t want that so here are some of my very best tips to make sure it doesn’t happen (or at least not as badly)

#1 The Token System

1 daily designated special snack that is approximately 300 calories. This is a helpful way to practice moderation without cutting yourself off. Instead of eating 600 or 700 calories in your kids candy you decide on 1 small-medium sized snack that you really want.

#2 Practice saying no

Discipline is a muscle, and if we don’t work it out it can get a little weak, but it can get stronger quickly too. Start small, next time you notice yourself reaching for your child’s hidden box of goldfish, pull back and try the carrots you just bought, but haven’t opened. 

#3 Out of sight out of mind

Reduce temptation with putting those wonderful snacks and candies in a cupboard you rarely use.

#4 Replace with fresh veggies

Instead of having less than healthy snacks within arms length, make sure there are fresh veggies like carrots, cucumbers, and sliced peppers nearby. 

#5 Be a Coloradan

We work hard and play harder, have fun and go outside. Go skiing, hiking, snow shoeing, snowboarding, hunting whatever you enjoy most.

#6 Sayonara seconds

Flex that discipline muscle to say “no thank you” to seconds, those leftovers will be a great lunch tomorrow. 

#7 Find the weak link

Do some introspection and take note on where you feel like you fall off when practicing healthy eating habits. Personally I fall off in the evenings so saying no to seconds and replacing salty snacks with veggies helps the most. 

#8 Game plan your outings

“Failure to plan is a plan to fail”- Someone smarter than me. Have an idea of what you want your outing (and the next morning) to look like, it will be easier to stick to. 

#9 Take the Ahol out of Alcohol

This is a touchy one, and that’s okay. There are alot of factors that affect people’s lives and I don’t judge that. With everything I preach moderation, with alcohol and social settings it can be easy to get carried away. Again, make a plan for success, lowering inhibitions could make it quite a bit harder to stick to your eating habit goals.

#10 Flex, bend, break but don’t give up

S**t happens. Everyone falls off the horse sometimes, everyone. Don’t give up on a new habit if one meal wasn’t healthy, or 1 day or 3 days. Get back on and keep moving. We don’t build muscle in 3 days, why would we expect that discipline muscle to work any differently? 

#11 Practice that self-love

Again for those in the back, s**t happens. It’s okay. Those negative thoughts aren’t true. Being hard on yourself is great because it shows you have high standards for yourself. However, our best isn’t static. Sometimes our best is better than it was yesterday, sometimes it’s worse. What would you say to someone else who was going through the same thing?

#12 Add muscle to that skeleton

Muscle is highly metabolically active, so the more we have the more calories we burn on a daily basis. So, hit the gym and focus on lifting medium-heavy weights with good form . Start with 4 sets of 5-12 repetitions with large compound movements like; presses, rows, squats, hinges (deadlift variations) and lunges.

#13 Build that muscle with more protein

Now that we have caused some good muscle damage we need to rebuild it with proteins. Earn extra points by  focusing on lean proteins like chicken, turkey, fish, quinoa, and rice & beans.


In your quest to fend off holiday weight gain, these 13 tips serve as your trusty companions. They’re like enchantments that ward off unwanted pounds, without resorting to restrictive diets. With these strategies, you’re well-equipped to defy the holiday weight-gain curse. Remember, setbacks happen, but resilience is your secret weapon. As the final spell, focus on adding muscle and high-protein nutrition to your arsenal. Now, you’re ready to face the holidays with confidence, ensuring a healthier and happier season ahead.


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